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Celebrating Albanian Literature and Language as part of “Muaji i Librit" (Book Month)

Join us virtually on Dec 10th, 8pm for a conversation with author Vangjush Saro.

The Albanian Canadian Excellence (ACE) Society in collaboration with the Embassy of Albania in Ottawa is excited to host a mini-series of virtual events to celebrate October Book Month otherwise known in Albanian as “Muaji i Librit”. This initiative will extend through the month of November, the Albanian Heritage Month.

Anytime , is a good time to connect through what makes us a community, our Albanian language and literature. However, creating a tradition, such as the Book Month, provides added incentive to further bring us together. It creates opportunities for each one of us to discover or get to know more closely some of our distinguished Albanian-Canadian authors. We are thrilled to bring some of those authors and their literature work to you and hope this will motivate you to read more in Albanian and strengthen your connection with the Albanian language.

We’ve had the honour of hosting authors Artan Gjyzel Hasani, Ajkuna Dakli and Flurans Ilia in the first three series of “Muaji i Librit” and we thank them for sharing their journeys as writers, along with their successes and latest work.

We are pleased to announce in our fourth event of the “Muaji i Librit” series on December 10th, author Vangjush Saro will be joining us to share his journey as a writer. Our keynote speaker for the evening will be Mr. Ermal Muça, the Albanian Ambassador to Canada.

We encourage members of the community, students, professionals, leaders, and parents to join the discussion in promoting success stories of the Albanian-Canadian authors.

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