COVID-19 Information Page

Includes information about coronavirus, what it is, it’s symptoms and how it spreads, self-assessment,  as well as to most up-to-date information on numbers of infections and fatalities in Canada and around the world

Includes information on government’s response plan providing support to individuals, businesses and industries (increases in benefits, tax credits, tax filing and payment deferrals, access to credits, mortgage support etc.)

Includes information and advice from reputable experts and institutions on how to take care of ourselves and our loved ones in times of distress and confinement, as well as best practices on how to remain active and keep well physically, mentally and emotionally

Includes information on travel restrictions limiting travel to Canada and how these restrictions affect immigration, refugees, citizenship and passport applications

Includes articles and best practices on the new reality of working from home, connecting and collaborating with colleagues and clients online, leading and managing virtual teams

Includes links to articles and research studies, analysis and economic reports on types and length of economic recovery from reputable academic sources and major financial institution