Board Member Job Posting

ACE Society is looking to recruit 2 (two) Albanian-Canadian professionals to serve in its Board.

If you are interested please submit your resume indicating your qualifications, motivation and interest in joining the ACE Society’s Board, at by the end of day, August 17, 2020.

The Board will review all submissions and those selected as potential candidates will be notified for an interview.

Important: For one of the positions, we are looking for a student currently pursuing their undergraduate (2nd year and above) or graduate/post-graduate studies, with demonstrated leadership role within the Albanian-Canadian community of students in the university they study.

Board Member Job Description

About ACE Society
ACE Society is a community-based organization founded in May 2015 in Toronto by a group of Albanian Canadian professionals. Its vision is for “An Albanian professional community that is vibrant, connected, integrated and successful in Canadian society”. ACE Society is guided by values of integrity, collaboration, transparency and commitment.

ACE Society Board
ACE Society’s Board (hereafter known as “the Board”) is comprised of seven positions including that of the chair and vice-chair. It is the highest level of decision-making authority of the ACE Society. The Board approves the mission, goals and values of the organization and is responsible for the achievement of its vision. It determines and approves strategies, policies, programs, priorities and operational capabilities of the organization. An individual, serving as a member of the Board, acts in a position of trust and is responsible for the effective governance and functioning of the organization. The Board is the legal authority for ACE Society, as such it carries legal accountability.

Board Member Responsibilities

– Mission-based strategic leadership and operational governance
– As a member of a very active and operational board, provide leadership and direction to ACE initiatives
– Lead and work with a group of volunteers to organize events, promote volunteer activities, encourage people to contribute to our organization/community, provide a forum for people to connect
– Assume at least one event/program leadership role
– Act as an ambassador for ACE Society
– Active support and participation in fund-raising activities
– Represent ACE Society and participate in community and professional forums and events
– Attend monthly board meetings and major events (only 2 board meetings a year can be missed)

General Requirements

– Must be 18 years of age and must have not declared personal bankruptcy
– Enthusiastic and passionate about supporting ACE
– Embodies ACE’s values of integrity, collaboration, transparency and commitment
– Skilled/interested in areas such as fundraising, management, policy, program development, law, accounting, marketing, technology, public relations, community building and outreach, etc.
– Committed to diversity and inclusion
– High standard of professionalism and accountability


– Develop leadership skills
– Learn more about a variety of community-based organizations and have a chance to make a difference
– Broaden personal and professional network
– Raise personal profile in own organization and profession

Time Commitment

This role requires an estimated time commitment of approximately 8-10 hours per month. The number of hours will vary depending on the time of the year. There are typically more ACE activities during October to May period.


Members are recruited following ACE’s approved recruitment process. Members serve for a two year term renewable for an additional two years.

A Board Member’s performance is evaluated annually based on the performance of assigned Board requirements and duties.

Review Date
This job description will be reviewed annually.

Job Description Approval Date
July 20, 2020

Philanthropy | Civic & Social Organization

Employment Type

Key Skills
Leadership | Management | Program Development | Community Outreach | Fundraising | Marketing | Planning | Social Media