2017 ACE Awards

2017 ACE Awards Gala “Celebrating Our Own"

The Gala represents a new tradition ACE started last year, of celebrating success and achievements in the Albanian-Canadian community and we are thrilled to invite you to share this evening with us, once again. It will be an exciting night, the culmination of the many months of work leading to an evening where we celebrate our people, share their stories, their achievements and their path towards excellence. These are successful young and experienced professionals, artists, entrepreneurs and business people who have a lot to show through their efforts and dedication. This is also an evening where we can reflect upon our own journey, be inspired by our peers and empower generations to come.

Gala Event Details:


Saturday May 6, 2017

Start time 6:00 PM


Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue

8440 Hwy 27, Vaughan, On L4L 1A5

Ticket Prices:

$95 – EARLY BIRD* until April 23, 2017 (Upon Purchase)

$120 – REGULAR after April 23, 2017

$70 – STUDENT Price

Gala Registration:

There is a two step process to register to attend the Gala:

Complete the registration of yourself and your guests by filling this Form: Click Here

Submit your payment via E-transfer.( see below)

For other methods of payment (cash, cheque, etc.)

please contact us at contact@acesociety.ca or 416-371-4017

Payment Information:

Payment can be submitted to ACE Society via e-transfer through your bank.

Please use the following:

Email address: awards@acesociety.ca

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Security answer: awards2017


Black Tie

Age Restriction

13 years old and above

* The early bird special is valid if a payment is made by April 23, 2017. The student price is extended to individuals who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program (College or University) or high school. Proof of student ID will be required at the event.

2017 Awards Evaluation Committee
ACE Society would like to thank all the AEC members for their thorough research and objective evaluation of all the nominee applications. Chair: Gerjon Kalaci Members: Elda Bylykbashi, Everest Damsi, Teuta Dodbiba, Aida Tahiri, Tomor Nushaj

ACE Celebrates Your Success!

The purpose of the ACE Awards Program is to identify, recognize and celebrate achievements of Albanian-Canadian professionals, whose contributions have made a significant impact in the community they work and/or reside in. The individuals receiving these awards will be recognized for embodying the core values of ACE: integrity, collaboration, transparency and commitment.

ACE is creating a culture of celebrating other people’s success. We encourage our Albanian community to find and nominate them. We want to invite all our Albanian stars in our Gala evening so that their light will shine us all.

Awards Program Timeline

Awards Categories

Eligibility Criteria

General Eligibility Criteria:

  • All nominees should exemplify a high level of character, integrity and personal/professional values.
  • The nominee should be a member of the Albanian-Canadian Professional Community*, must be minimum 25 years old, and residing in Canada.

This criteria does not apply for the Contribution by a non-Albanian to Albanian community Achievement Award

Awards Nomination Criteria:

Each Award has a specific set of eligibility criteria which are included in the following pages for each of the categories.

1. Professional Achievement Award

The nominees for this award shall be given to a Professional Individual with University Degree, Masters Degree, etc., from any educational institution who satisfies the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated exceptional contribution to professional achievements in their field of education and expertise for their employer.
  • Evidence of the impact of that professional achievement/innovation and/or technological improvement.
  • Describing a breakthrough in either products or services that has significantly enhanced the performance of an industrial, commercial or public sector.
  • Demonstrated evidence of individual excellence which could include near past (up to 5 years) and/or current professional/research achievement.
  • Leading a research team, project or program, creating an environment where other researchers can reach their potential and being recognised by their peers as being a leader in the field.
  • The Candidate is a standing faculty member (i.e. University Professor, Clinical Professor, Professor of Practice, Research Professor, Research Associate and Lecturer).

2. Academic Achievement Award

ACE Award for the Academic Category shall be given to an Academic Achiever who satisfies the following criteria:

  • The Candidate has obtained the Ph.D. degree from a reputable institution and demonstrated exceptional contribution to professional achievements in their field of education and expertise for their employer.
  • The Candidate is currently working in Canada for a Governmental or Private Institution in the same area of his/her area of undergraduate and graduate training as a registered professional.
  • The Candidate has published a minimum of two papers in his/her area of Ph.D. Research Work in a recognized and reviewed Journal or Conference in Canada/US or Europe.

3. Contribution to Community Achievement Award

ACE Contribution to Community Achievement Award Category shall be given to an Individual who satisfies the following criteria:  

  • Has founded or is an active member of a community organization (Albanian or non-Albanian).
  • Consistently demonstrated qualities of compassion, and service to either one organization or a variety of volunteer activities in one year.
  • Made a significant contribution to their community through their time, actions, talents and dedication.
  • Provided a record of significant and sustained community service such as volunteering with charitable, non-profit organizations, University or within Albanian community.

The charitable activities / events or service listed on the application cannot be part of the nominee’s job description or duties and the individual cannot receive any monetary or personal benefits from their involvement.

4. Contribution by a non-Albanian to Albanian community Achievement Award

ACE Contribution by a non-Albanian to Albanian community Achievement Award shall be given to an Individual who satisfies the following criteria:

  • The contribution overall needs to be significant enough in terms of the impact in the community or a target population in that community.
  • The contribution should have a lasting positive outcome and effect and preferably it has been recognized (formally or informally) by the community who benefited.
  • The individual consistently demonstrated compassion, dedication and a sense of service.

5. Successful Artist Achievement Award

ACE Successful Artist Award shall be given to an Individual who satisfies the following criteria:

  • The minimum criterion for recognition of a successful artist is a:
    • premiere/debut exhibition;
    • design, production, original script;
    • sound recording;
    • publication by a commercial or scholarly press of the original version or a substantially revised subsequent version of a book chapter;
    • publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal of national;
    • international standing and distribution or a premiere/debut performance that is above and beyond normal University activities and is on a regional, national, or international level.
  • The nomination must be accompanied by a review printed in an appropriate publication for the field.
  • The artist’s artistic activity has been presented to the public by means of exhibitions, publications, performances, readings, screenings or other means.
  • The artist has received public or peer recognition and promotes or markets the artist’s artistic work.

6. Successful Entrepreneurship Achievement Award

ACE Entrepreneurship Award shall be given to an Individual who satisfies the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates strong entrepreneurial mindset:
    • Creative approaches
    • Innovative
    • Willingness to take risks
    • Engages others
    • Faces ambiguity with enthusiasm
    • Leads others to new achievements
  • Provides evidence of a successful business/entrepreneurship undertaking and clearly describing the type of business, markets, location, customer base, growth overtime and potential for future expansion.
  • Demonstrates how the business benefits the local community.

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